Sunday, October 10, 2010

Angkor Wat

Today was a day of sightseeing and relaxing.
The highlight was Angkor Wat, a 12th Century temple which is the symbol of Cambodia. It is one of the largest temples in the world and is mostly intact.

Our visit started with a "tuk-tuk" ride - which is a two person carriage pulled by a motor bike. After braving the usual crowd of kids selling postcards and whatever, we visited first one of the side temples (which was a good time for the group photo above), and then the main temple. The temple was quite impressive and we finished the visit before the heat of the day got to us.

Afterwards, we visited an artisan school which, fortunately for all concerned, had a "factory" outlet store. Then, we had a free afternoon for swimming, massages or just resting.
Tomorrow we leave for Phnom Penh.

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